First year they sleep, Second they creep and Third they leap !!



Of course, I’m talking about perennials the work horse of the garden, annuals are pretty, colorful and a joy to look at but often when the season is done so are they. I love perennials, the exhausting work you put in your garden is surely worth it when you see those beautiful flowers blossom each year. I especially love peonies, they are delicate flowers with heads as large and bright as the sun in colors from pure white to fire red. Some  of these flowers have actually been around for a hundred years! I also enjoy irises, in fact they were the main flower in my wedding bouquet. Roses are another favorite, especially old roses.We do buy annuals at times but I often feel the short life span is not worth the money or work. And believe me the work is hard, It’s gonna take both of us to get this garden to where we want it to be.


 Talk about a beautiful garden; we spent Saturday at the Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture (TLW)  this place is a gardner’s dream, we got a lot of great information to help us grow our garden and also got the best looking compost I have ever seen. TLW was established in 2006 and is committed to growing food, community and people. It was so much fun walking through their garden and looking at how much they have accomplished.


So as you can see we are definitely in the sleeping phase.We’ve decided to start with a  container garden while preparing the soil. So presently we’ve gotten a few yellow banana peppers, tomatoes, parsley, basil and thyme. And although our garden is very small we are surprised by the robust sweetness of the peppers with a hint of heat as well as the firmness of the red ripe juicy tomatoes.


Once you’ve experienced the joy of growing your own vegetables you won’t desire store brought. Regardless of the size of your garden, the gratification of starting a family garden is something you will treasure forever. We’ve recently added an hibiscus, lemon grass, a couple of phloxes and a crape myrtle to the garden. Although our garden is in a deep sleep right now, we are full of excitement and ready for the fun as well as the challenge. We can hardly wait for the garden to blossom into the leaping phase. Keep in touch and look forward to frequent updates from the garden.

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