Rustic Edibles



When I envision Rustic Edibles it makes me think of a meal that went through a journey in order to get to the table. I’m not talking about a microwave meal that comes out of a box and is cooked before the table is set. I’m talking about a meal that requires a series of steps to finally get to a specific ending. I think of when I was a child sitting at my grandmother’s kitchen table watching her prepare a crispy golden brown chicken she got from her backyard hours earlier. The memory is so strong I can still smell the savory aroma of chopped chicken gizzards cooking in buttery seasoned herbs with sweet diced yellow onions engulfing the room.

I realize the beauty of this raw and simple event will only be appreciated from the eye of the beholder. But the nice thing is we all have those moments when we can look back into our past and remember the joy of sitting at the table with family. And the true blessing is those moments will continue from one generation to the next. Rustic Edibles is a collection of moments and memories that focuses on food, family, fellowship, and life.  We hope that our site inspires and challenges you to become adventurous in the kitchen and create more memories with those you love.

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