Brown Butter Sauce-Don’t Blink!


Can you imagine sweet velvety  golden yellow butter tasting better than it does. Please allow me to introduce you to Brown Butter sauce. Just remember when you make this magic happen – don’t blink, because it only takes minutes to burn the butter and end up with the worst odor you’ve ever smelled. You really can’t focus on anything else for the few minutes it takes to cook brown butter. Now you can start this recipe with store brought butter or homemade cultured churned butter, either choice ends up with the same enticing  results.

First, you want a pan with a light colored base. It’s very important to see what’s going  on in the bottom of the pan. I used about 6 to 8 tablespoons of butter ( which is about a stick) over medium heat. It’s good to have the dish prepared so the brown butter sauce can be added immediately for that full flavor taste. Although I recognize the butter as a sauce I  usually drizzle it rather than pour it directly over a prepared dish.

Let the butter cook while continuing to stir until it’s brown and you get a whiff of that sweet nutty scent which takes about 4 to 6 minutes. The butter will get very frothy first and very quickly you will hear popping and crackling sounds this is the milk solids and water breaking down, keep stirring. The sauce is done when you get that brownish caramel color. I usually pour the finished product through a fine strainer. Brown Butter sauce brings a sweet nutty aroma to cooked pasta, fish, meats, vegetables, seafood and even some pastries.


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