Composting: 101



Composting is not only a smart way to dispose of kitchen and yard waste, it will also enhance your property.  Denise and I are looking forward to a much greener yard with beautiful shrubs and flowers since we’ve started composting. And of course and array of  new recipes from the vegetables and fruit that we will be preparing and sharing on Rustic Edibles. We actually started  with a compost container months ago but quickly realized we needed something much larger with all the leaves. So we found a great spot in the garden where we would have easy access to the pile as well as an abundance of space to enlarge if necessary. With an old tarp as a cover we are able to control the amount of moisture the pile gets and encourage heat when it’s needed.


We maintain our compost pile with vegetable and fruit scraps, egg and seafood shells, coffee and tea grounds, leaves, grass cuttings and cow manure. It’s also good to alternate layers of brown and green material in order to keep the pile healthy. And of course turning the pile is good for aeration although a compost pile on the ground does permit aeration from worms and other healthy organisms. Since we’ve enlarged the pile Denise usually just runs the weed whacker through it, the movement keeps air circulating and chops up everything which encourages easy breakdown of the material.


Brown and green material are necessary for a compost pile to thrive. Brown material are high in carbon which helps with air circulation and consist of dry or natural material such as: leaves, paper and wood chips. Green material is high in nitrogen and supplies most of the nutrients for the pile. This material consist of tea and coffee grounds, manure and vegetable scrapes. Working with the proper mix of  brown and green material will ensure your compost pile is breaking down properly which will avoid offensive odors and encourage a healthy pile.

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