A Garden Challenge


I can remember my great-grandfather’s garden. It was a huge garden right next to my home in Pondtown. From spring to fall the garden was always full of bright colorful vegetables and berries. I remember the hot summer months with the strong sweet scent of strawberries lingering outside my bedroom window. I also remember the huge green oval ( sweet tasting) watermelons with small round beige cantaloupes (not my favorite fruit) nearby. And fragrant honeysuckle ran along the old wired fence that was always  full of butterflies and bumble bees.The garden had it’s own aromas that pleasantly infused the air. Thank God for sweet memories … but now I must come back to reality and face the challenge ahead.

Last spring Denise and I started our garden in containers but knew eventually we wanted to plant in the ground.While living in Delaware we had a couple of small gardens that were gone by the time the harsh winters came. So it’s very exciting knowing we may have a garden year round. But as you can see we do have some challenges, first our Delaware gardens where very small compared to here which is quite large and sits on a small hill. And we have very little equipment to start or maintain a garden. So we know we’ll be putting out some money up front but in the long run a garden will be a great benefit to us financially and health wise.

So we have decided to start with a small section of the backyard this allows us to track our success and make the necessary changes as we go. I’ve turned to some of my old favorite sites for encouragement and found a few new ones as well. A few of my old favorites are  Mother Earth News , Rodale’s  Organic Life  and A Way to Garden . Although A Way to Garden is not in our zone, which is 8a I can still benefit from Margaret’s great ideas. With that said the challenge begins. We can’t wait to hear from some of our gardeners, please let us know how you deal with the squirrels, they are everywhere. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks for stopping by.

Beverly & Denise



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