Garden Memories



After flipping through numerous garden magazines, like another favorite of mine Birds and Blooms and checking out online sites. I’ve found myself reminiscing about my childhood in Pondtown. As a young child it was almost enchanting in the spring time when everyone was busy working in their garden planting vegetables and flowers. I can remember as a child picking strawberries from my greart-grandfather’s garden with my youngest two sisters and cousin. We had to get up early to finish early before that blazing hot sun came out. We not only made a few dollars for candy but we also got to eat those huge sweet juicy berries, a taste very hard to find in the supermarket today.

The sweet scent of gardens with bright colorful wild flowers are so captivating it’s impossible to ignore them. Spring time always seems to inspire me to start something new. In fact speaking of something new, earlier this year Cheerios started a campaign to bring back the bees so Denise signed us up and a couple of days ago we got our wild flower seeds. There must be at least fifteen different wild flowers we’ll be able to enjoy throughout the yard and in the garden. I just planted azaleas in the front yard a couple of days ago and also noticed a beautiful honeysuckle bush hiding amongst some trees in the garden. And today I noticed honeysuckle vines entwined in the fence. It’s so nice to see new growth blossoming in the garden so soon. I’m sure tomorrow if I take the time to look I’ll  find something  else new popping up to add  more beauty to our garden.



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