Cookbooks and Precious Memories


Over the years Denise and I have accumulated a variety of cookbooks and we’d love to share a few with you. Of course every cook has cookbooks… but there are does special cookbooks that comes from our moms and grand moms, but we all know great tasting food can come from anyone. Like the hospitality group at the church, those ladies working in the kitchen are quick to share their recipes. Some of us may not even have a particular cookbook but hold dearly to an old wooden box that holds recipes on index cards.These are the items some of us see as precious relics. I got the box years ago along with a couple of old cookbooks from aunt Hilda. She gave them up so willingly I was shocked the first time I actually sit down and looked at what I had. I found notes she had written next to the original recipes making changes that truly made them her recipes. Without a second thought she made them my recipes, which I’ve passed on to Denise. I hope Rustic Edibles will be shared throughout my family someday as well as yours. Denise and I are so appreciative to have such a variety of cookbooks like our Rumford Complete Cookbook published in 1931 by Lily Haxworth Wallace to our newest cookbook based off the Bob’s Burger  sitcom, Denise just bought a few days ago.


The Rumford Complete Cookbook is based off Rumford All-phosphate Baking Powder  which of course is highly promoted throughout the book. Eben N. Horsford (1818-1893) a chemist professor at Harvard University majored in the Chemistry of Nutrition. Horsford’s discovery of finely ground calcium acid phosphate, bicarbonate of soda and corn starch became the essential ingredients for baking powder. Phosphate is a very important mineral found in foods that help produce healthy cells for our kidneys, bones, muscles and blood vessels. Horsford’s discovery made him a prominent scholar in the field of sustenance as well as science especially since bread is a staple food for all cultures worldwide. His unique formula was extremely important when making biscuits, cookies, breads and other quick baking goods.


Bob Belcher and wife Linda are owners of Bob’s Burger restaurant, this animated sitcom was created by Loren Bouchard. The couple has three children Tina, Gene and Louise. Although Bob’s burgers are really delicious Bob seems to be overwhelmed with self doubt due to the success of his rival Jimmy Pesto who happens to have a restaurant right across the street. There also the chalkboard that list the daily specials that often includes risky burger puns created mostly by the children. To take the madness even further Cole Bowden created  The Bob’s Burgers Experiment. This actually gives these burger a recipe to support there devious names.  New shows are on Sundays on Fox.


The Fannie Farmer Cookbook was the first cookbook I brought when David and I decided to start a home together. The book I’ve posted is actually the one I brought for Denise when she moved out and got her first apartment. Over numerous years of usage my Fannie Farmer Cookbook became extremely tatter and sad to say has been missing since our most recent move, hopefully I will find it one day. The original Fannie Farmer Cookbook was published in 1896 titled The Boston Cooking School Cook Book by Fannie Merritt Farmer. I’ve used the Fannie  Farmer Cookbook more than any other cookbook I have. The book covers everything from specialty cooking to pot luck dinners, alternative dishes, food purchase information and modern day eating habits. This book is a perfect gift for someone just learning to cook, starting a home or a culinary business. The directions are really simple to understand and follow yet extremely detailed.


I must include our bread books and I also must admit a few of them are still way over my head. But I have taken my time and over the years I’ve been able to not only bake a few of the bread recipes but also understand the art of bread making, this is very important in order to get the results you’re looking for. Bread making and baking are unique techniques not found in any other type of cooking that I know of… in fact bread baking actually has nothing to do with cooking. One of my favorite bread baking books are by Peter Reinhart, which inspired me to make my Ciabatta bread. Reinhart is so good at his trade he will encourage you to take the challenge.


Another favorite is Joanne Chang, her book Flour has given me so many scrumptious and delightful desserts to eat. And the book itself is just fun to look at and read. Joanne’s approach to baking is so simple regardless of how exquisite the finished products look, it all starts with the basic principals of baking. The name of her bakery, Flour is based off her motto ” That in baking, as in life, simple things are best”. Her way of thinking is so encouraging for me.

Thanks for stopping by.

Beverly & Denise

Recipes are coming !







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